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    At Arca, we believe we have a responsibility to be stewards of the Earth’s life-sustaining ecosystems for present and future generations. In this, we follow the example of the original Indigenous stewards of the lands upon which we work. We recognise that the historically exploitative mindset which has contributed to this climate crisis won’t solve this climate crisis. A new model is needed that prioritises sustainability, resilience and equity. We have the opportunity to do things differently, and better.

    As a carbon dioxide removal company, we believe our purpose aligns with the traditional values of many Indigenous peoples and communities. There is an urgent need to repair the planet. Our purpose is to secure thriving and abundant life on Earth by returning billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the ground.

    Our projects span many first nations and communities, both in Canada and abroad. We also feel the ongoing journey toward reconciliation in Canada can offer valuable insight to the CDR industry as it learns to work with host communities around the world. We therefore commit to building a robust plan in regard to Indigenous engagement, and to transparently share our experience when it comes time to implement that plan. Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and governments on whose traditional territories we work is vital to building mutual successes and this is where we will work hard to be a leading example for our industry.

    Listening, learning from, and working together with Indigenous communities is the way in which we can honour and uphold the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We will also answer calls to action articulated in Canada’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission and use this as a guide in how best to conduct our work with Indigenous communities around the globe.

    As a young company, it is important that we set out some initial commitments. At all levels of our corporation, we commit to:

    Fostering culturally safe and respectful spaces throughout our workplace and within our projects.

    Having honest and transparent relationships with communities on whose traditional territories we are conducting our work.

    Ensuring we consider all potential opportunities available to build joint economic partnerships and prosperity.

    Utilizing our partnerships with Indigenous communities as a conduit to share knowledge, build capacity, and transferable skills.

    Prioritize trust and respect as the foundation of all interactions with Indigenous nations.

    This document is our first step in building out a Truth & Reconciliation Action Plan which will identify meaningful, tangible, and measurable milestones that turns our commitments into reality.

    As allies with Indigenous communities, we humbly acknowledge we are always learning, and will continue to strive for better and look for opportunities for continual improvement and growth. Thank you to those who have taught us up until this point and we are excited to continue to expand our knowledge and awareness, and challenge ourselves to excel and set the bar for our industry.