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    In our fight to reverse climate change
    we must leave no stone unturned.

    Rocking CO2 for a livable planet

    Abundant life needs a healthy climate. We remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere, and transform it into rocks – naturally storing it for millennia.

    CO2 removal

    We can still reverse climate change if we act fast, and develop solutions that scale. For our part, we capture and store CO2 permanently by speeding up the natural process of carbon mineralization. And because our technology uses the waste from critical metal mines, it keeps a light footprint while supporting the clean energy transition.

    Two miner smiling at each other

    Mines of the future tackle emissions of the past

    Our mining partners produce the critical metals needed for the clean energy transition. Together, we develop new ways to decarbonize their operations, enabling them to achieve their environmental and social commitments, and make carbon-negative mining a reality.

    True climate leaders leave nothing behind

    We work with progressive companies who are taking responsibility for their emissions – past, present and future. For these leaders, we offer scalable carbon dioxide removal that’s always safe, verified and durable.


    From underground
    to rock star

    The star of our show is ultramafic rock. Rich in magnesium, it naturally reacts with CO2 in a process known as carbon mineralization, which captures and stores CO2 safely and permanently. But like most things geological, mineralization is slow, and ultramafic rock is typically buried deep below the Earth’s surface.

    Serpentinite is a common form of ultramafic rock that mineralizes atmospheric CO2. Photo: Dave Zeko

    Energy transition

    The clean energy paradox

    Decarbonizing our energy systems means more mining, not less. The clean energy transition will require up to 20x more critical metals by 2040. But today, mining is carbon intensive, and the last thing we need is more emissions. Turns out ultramafic mine tailings, which are a byproduct of critical metal mining, have the potential to remove gigatonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, and make critical metal mining carbon negative. Like physicist Niels Bohr once said: “No paradox, no progress”.

    The clean energy transition will require significantly more critical minerals like nickel, copper, cobalt, lithium and others by 2040. – Source: International Energy Agency

    Our proprietary acceleration technology is paired with cutting-edge monitoring technologies for 100% verifiable carbon sequestration.


    All-natural, just way faster

    Our technology significantly accelerates the natural process of carbon mineralization in mine tailings. Building upon decades of research, we’ve developed new ways to transform mine waste into a valuable new resource. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for permanent carbon dioxide sequestration on a gigatonne scale.

    Taku River Tlingit First Nation traditional territory


    Negativity never felt this positive

    Critical metal mines not only provide the minerals needed for the energy transition, but have the potential to remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. With our technology, mines of the future can remove more carbon than they emit, becoming massive carbon sinks. Now there’s something to be positive about.

    We need bright minds,
    to build a brighter future

    We’re always looking for passionate people who want to join our fight for a livable planet.

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